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For whom?
Event organizers who are hosting an event or who are planning to host an event.

First of all, let's look at the definition of the word 'event' in a traffic-context.
“An event is a one-time or regularly occurring activity with a traffic-generating effect, which either lasts a single day or stretches out over a continuous period of several days, during which the authorities that have issued a permit for the organizing of the event, have set the condition that traffic-managing actions should be taken".

So you need a permit for your event. How do you obtain a permit?
Well in advance, an organization / corporation needs to file a request with the licensing authority (municipality, province, water board or the State). The permit request for the event should state the route or location on which the event or activity will take place. Subsequently, it should be discussed with the police, the emergency services, the road authority, etc. whether the route or location is available and whether from a perspective of public order and safety traffic management measures are necessary.

In short: you need a traffic plan!
You can deposit this traffic plan with the licensing authority, together with any other required documents. The licensing authority will assess your traffic plan and grant or deny you permission to organize your event. We can design this traffic plan for you. With this traffic plan, we elaborate clearly on traffic routes (e.g. for running events) and the measures that need to be taken. (fences, signs, traffic cones, security, volunteers, etc.) Other documents you may need are e.g. a security plan and an evacuation plan to deal with calamities, all of which we can also provide.

You already have a traffic plan, but its execution can be performed safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly!
MovendiuM is independent. That means that MovendiuM is not interested in selling as many signs, fences and traffic controllers as possible. We scour the market to bring you the best and most profitable options and combine these into a neat and transparent package. If you already have suppliers, we can also include these in the overall plan. We also take care of the coordination on the event and supervise everyone whose tasks involve traffic. This way, we can ensure that the built-up know-how is not lost!