Traffic Management becomes a more and more important part of the whole crowd management strategy during a festival or event. If the crowd management system fails, so does the mobility system and vice versa. Congestions because of traffic jams, delays, bad communication and/or infrastructure result in negative experiences for your visitors. We can provide you with the following services:


1. Mobility documents (written)

Written mobility strategies are necessary to inform al involved parties about expected traffic flows, modalities, road capacities, maximum ingress/egress speeds and the numbers of staff, parking lanes, route designs and specific prevention solutions.


2. Mobility plans (drawings)

Drawings of the complete signage system give clear information to all parties who are involved in the permissions and execution process of the festival / event.


3. Consultancy

Are you curious if your mobility systems works? Do you want to get rid off the traffic jams? Or do you have questions about the design of your terrain like parking areas and routing? Before or during your festival we analyse the existing plan and train your responsible traffic manager(s)!


4. Road Signage

Signage is one of the most important parts in a traffic management system. Visitors need to be informed where to drive, or even better, where to walk or bike. Good communication in signage and an appropriate routing plan prevents having congestions and delays. Besides, traffic jams are bad for the CO2 emissions and visitor moods.....


5. Internal or Freelance "on the job"

We work as your colleague in your organisation, close to the source! Traffic strategy development happens "in-house" and keeps the knowledge in your organisation. It is even possible to buy our parameter or training system.


6. Complete concepts

Traffic strategy concepts from start to finish. This option is very useful for new event areas or if you want to save CO2 and/or € on the existing system. In the past we were able to save 34% on total spents in traffic management. In addition, an extra F&B revenue of € 212.000,- on the first ingress day was achieved!