Sustainability: wooden Ecoplates

On public places, parking spaces and other terrains which are on heavy duty during your festival MovendiuM provides wooden solutions for the spaces which are most critical.  Wood let the lawns breathe and grow and absorbes CO2 during use! For rent & for sale!


See the video below for a short impression on a Festival in Switzerland in 2018

Sustainability: Lights on parking areas

Parking space lighting is neccessary for all terrains which are used during evening and nighttime. On several events we looped 20 normal highway lights on just one excisting power connection or just 1 generator

Savings up to 29% in costs, 197% in CO2 emission!

Sustainability: CO2 savings with a smart traffic plan

Have you ever thought about the difference in CO2 emission by having congestions compared to smoothly going traffic? The fuel consumption of cars, buses trucks & taxi's is increasing big time with congestions on ingress & egress routes. By calculating the maximum available road capacity, flow speeds and necessary parking lanes it is possible to reduce the congestions and CO2 emission. Our parameter calculation system helps you to get more information about the things you think you already know. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and getting your event more environmental friendly!


Sustainability: Examples of sustainable parking solutions

         Re-usable rope with reflection tape                                                                    BioChalk lines                                                                    Ecoplate system saves lawn and ground